The hospital warned me that recovery would be slow. I had antiviral pills for one week. I took the last pill last Friday evening. It is Sunday now and I still feel activity on my skull. It’s a sort of burning feeling that to me indicates that the virus is still active. Also I have much more fever than the previous days. The older wounds on my forehead are healing and itchy. My eye is still thicker. Eyesight is good but I keep having the feeling that there is something in my eye. As you can read between the lines, recovery is slow. At least slower than I hoped for.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Ingrid is on her way to Sweden. She will pick me up and we will drive back together. The plan was to take it easy so that fits perfectly with my slow recovery. Travel a bit, rest a bit, visit a little town and enjoy life.

The next thing I need to decide is what to do do with my motorcycle. Do I leave it here to pick it up later? I could leave everything here and fly back later in the year to drive it home. Another option is to transport it home on a trailer. Several friends offered to drive up and down to pick it up. How cool and great is that. Third option is to check my insurance. I believe I can have it transported using my insurance I have. Luxury problems.

Some people feel sorry that I am not able to finish my trip. I truly appreciate the concern and thoughts. I am trying to figure out how I feel about this and I believe it doesn’t feel like “not being able to finish my trip”. It’s absolutely different from what I expected. I also believe that it would feel 200% different if I would not have been able to camp with Ronny and Josephien. If I imagine how it would have been without them, I remember again how lucky I am. My bike would still be at a hospital and I would have taken a taxi to a hotel where I would be bored and feeling lonely all day.

Instead, this is part of the trip. The goal never was to tick boxes and move on. The goal is to meet people, see places and have plenty of time to do what I want. I’m still doing that. Ronny and Josephien take me to shopping malls, hamburger places that look like 60 years ago. That includes that cars, outdoor live music and the hamburger place/ shop itself. I play with their dogs and the neighbours dog, join the 9am meeting with the neighbour and get invited to the regular Friday dinner with other friends nearby. How cool is that? The 9am gathering takes place next to the water on a small bench. With three guys now, Ronny named us after ‘The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly’. Not sure who is the ugly one is. but I stand a good chance.

Updates will not be a regular as you noticed already. I believe I have written it before. The amount of text is not proportional to the amount of joy!