Today is the day the Leo and I say goodbye. Only for this vacation to be clear. Leo is heading south towards the ferry. He has to be back home to go on vacation (?). Not bad and one day I hope to be able to do the same. We promised to plan another tour and that is certainly something to look forward to.

We left with our tents relatively dry. We were both riding towards some better weather so that is good. A pity that we didn’t really have great weather days together but that is the risk of Norway and the Lofoten. We both concluded that we still were very fortunate that we had several days with great views of the islands and even saw had sun every now and then. I talked a few time about a bucket list. I would recommend to put it on your list.

After we said goodbye and Leo left, I checked the bolts of my rear wheel. Everything was as it should be so ready to go as well. The only problem is that the bike complains that it needs service. I checked with the dealer but the recommendation is not to worry and drive on and schedule the service when I am back.

I started the day with a real dirt road but ended up at ‘normal’ backroads after 30 minutes or so. The roads were beautiful and I got more and more confidence in my new tire. It was dry and there was even sun eery now and then. I stopped twice today. The first time to make coffee and the second time for lunch. At the beautiful lunch spot I met two elderly ladies from Sweden. The were touring around the lake and stopped for coffee. We talked about the beautiful scenery and the less beautiful weather. She joked that she went out to buy a new fleece and new rain jacket just for the summer. After lunch I drove on and crossed the border with Sweden. There was no border control except for a camera that takes picture on the way out of Norway.

For the night I found a nice campsite in Sorsele. The sun was out and so are the mosquitos. But this is amazing after several days of cold and rain.