Time to say goodbye and thank you. My trip has ended and I am back in Switzerland. It was a fabulous trip and I enjoyed most of it. My infection with a dormant virus was the only disappointing element but I refuse to make that a dominant part of the trip.  I know recovery can take some time but I am confident all will be good in the end.

Therefore I like to say goodbye and consider my trip ended. I have beautiful memories that I will keep for ever. Memories are the only thing that matter, and that you can take with wherever you go. Goodbye to all that have followed me and provided direct or indirect feedback, or commented on my trip. Goodbye to all the people I met during the trip. It was amazing. Goodbye until we meet again!

This trip would not have been possible without the support of my friends and colleagues from Edwards Lifesciences. They allowed me to make this road trip and took - and take - care of all the business during my absence. A big thanks to all and specially to the teams that directly or indirectly managed the ship and kept it on course.

I am happy when I (re) read my own blogs and look at the pictures. What an amazing journey! I have visited so many beautiful places, have learned things about myself, I have driven beautiful landscapes and countries and -most of all- I have met so many caring, kind and interesting people. So I like to say thank you to all these folks I met and who have taken the time to share their stories, theirs drinks and sometimes even their food with me.

I have also learned that I have so many caring friends around the globe that are willing to help whenever there is a need. Friends that are interested in me, my trip and my wellbeing. Thank you to all for your support, your comments and your messages.

"The only time goodbye is painful is when you know you’ll never say hello again."