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BMW 1250 GS Adventure Exclusive - Herko's bike
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My 2022 motor trip

The plan for 2022 is to take my motorcycle on a trip.
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To prepare for a trip like this I primarily used YouTube. There are so many travellers that love to post their experiences. The hard part is to select the tools, tips and tricks that suit you. It's so easy to buy more and more stuff to find out that it doesn't work for you. After I got my gear together, I tested it on a test trip in The Netherlands. Due to COVID we were not allowed to leave the country. Great opportunity to find out (again) how beautiful The Netherlands are. I keep on testing during the weekends just to get used to it.

The route

The route is more or less a coincidence. I guess partially because I like to visit some friends in Sweden that I woud otherwise not meet. In addition I have never been in Poland, Baltic states or Finland. Last, I wanted to do a round trip. So, ideal opportunity.