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BMW 1250 GS
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My 2024 motor trip

My 2022 trip was great and sparked the desire to take another trip. In 2024 I'll drive from Ushuaia to Patagonia.

Leo, Lonneke and Antoine will join me so I am really looking forward to creating memories together with them.

Currently in planning phase, but isn't that half the fun?

The plan

The plan is to rent motorcycles in Punta Arenas. We will then drive to Ushuaia - the end of the world or Fin Del Mundo.
From here we drive north to finish our trip in Osorno. This is where we hand in the bikes and fly back home.
By the time we end our trip, we expect to have driven a little over 4000 kilometers in 10 riding days. We scheduled 5 rest days to relax and see some touristic highlights.